Distance Learning Support

Districts are working diligently to provide students with the most appropriate and engaging distance learning program. In order to provide your child/ren with meaningful learning experiences your teacher(s) may ask students to participate in an online meeting (video conference) using tools such as Zoom, Google Meet, WebEx, or other virtual conferencing tools. The meeting may resemble actions that may have already occurred in the teacher’s physical classroom–whiteboard lessons, resource sharing, discussion, etc.. In the virtual classroom, during instructional time, actions may include:


  • Viewing a student’s webcam

  • Hearing the student through their microphone

  • Reviewing student’s questions and answers

  • Engaging students in peer discussion

  • Asking students to share work


The benefit of these meetings for teachers include:

  • Creates teaching presence

  • Helps build a rapport with students

  • Allows a way to address different learning styles

  • Engages students

  • Encourages and motivates students to participate in group work

  • Builds camaraderie among students

  • Creates opportunities for students to present to one another

  • Increases student satisfaction with the course and the instructor

  • Helps eliminate student isolation


These meetings may also be recorded to ensure students who miss the synchronous meeting can review the lesson(s) on their own. The recordings will be protected and only shared with students, parent(s)/guardian(s) of students, and/or district personnel with a legitimate educational interest. Note: Students/families WILL NOT record nor disseminate the classroom session without consent from teachers and/or students.


  • Have a parent present for one-on-one meetings

  • Prepare a quiet and neutral area for students to engage in the meeting (i,.e. dining room table).

  • Ensure student is dressed appropriately during the meeting

  • Ensure student understands ALL their behavior may be recorded and they can be removed from room

  • Review district Technology Acceptable/Responsible Use Policy for acceptable behavior and consequences

  • Prepare you and your students for online ethical behavior by reviewing opens in a new windowRaising Digital Citizens

Districts may have your current media release on file for your students to either include or exclude your students from participating in the video portion. Please contact your teacher if you wish for your student not to participate.

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